Goodtools, romcenter AHHH!!!!!

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Goodtools, romcenter AHHH!!!!!

Postby ivwshane on Tue Feb 04, 2003 11:49 pm

Ok after trying to use goodtools and the goodwindows front end I got fustrated with it and decided to try romcenter. So I'm going through my roms with rom center and I get to my NES collection and try to audit it but I get some kind of plugin dll error, so I go to the romcenter message board and I find a bunch of posts stating that romcenter isn't as good as goodtools and that it's possible to have a good set in goodtools and not have a good set with rom center:|

So my question is, am I wasting my time with rom center? I like rom center, it's fast and easy but if it isn't accurate than who cares.
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Postby RabidYak on Wed Feb 05, 2003 12:50 am

A verifyer is only as accurate as the .dat files that people write for it. In the case of RC goodtools stuff, people would rather bitch and use a shitty awkward program rather then actually make the effort to manually change the dats or find a way to get goodtools to spit out the information it actually uses.

The console/computer naming convention pisses me off no end, its one of the main reasons why I dont collect and horde that stuff in the same way that I do with Arcade sets.
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