74ABT2244 datesheet

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74ABT2244 datesheet

Postby jojolucky on Fri May 09, 2008 12:08 pm

The 74ABT2244 high-performance BiCMOS device combines low static and dynamic power dissipation with high speed.
The 74ABT2244 device is an octal buffer that is ideal for driving buslines. The device features two Output Enables (1OE, 2OE), each controlling four of the 3-State outputs.
The 74ABT2244 is designed with 30W series resistance in both theHigh and Low states of the output. This design reduces line noise inapplications such as memory address drivers, clock drivers and bus
The 74ABT2244 is the same as the 74ABT244-1. The part number has been changed to reflect industry standards.
74ABT2244 datesheet and pdf from http://www.ChinaICMart.
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