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Postby Silverhaze on Wed Jul 11, 2007 4:56 pm

I was browsing when I came across this!!

A group of people who claim that we can live on air and light alone. Something not even plants can do!!!
Breatharians believe that a person can give up food and water altogether and live purely off prana, which they also call "living on light" or "living on air." Foremost Breatharian, Jasmuheen, formerly Ellen Greve, is credited with starting today's Breatharian movement. Her Prana Program advises followers to convert to Breatharianism gradually: Become a vegetarian; become a vegan; move to raw foods, then fruits, then liquids and finally prana. You replace physical food with air and light as well as metaphysical nourishment.

This guy is a fruit loop!!
Rb: I am drinking diet coke and eating a McDonald’s double-quarter-pounder with cheese meal as we speak. Why did you pick these foods? Why only burgers from McDonalds and why only diet coke? Why diet coke in plastic bottles only and even certain sizes?

Wiley: In order to understand why I have chosen these foods you must first know how the human bodies descended into the 3rd dimensional world in first place. This is not our natural home. Being here as long as we have been was not intentional. We didn’t plan to stay here permanently. You could say it was purely by accident that we ended up getting stuck in this 3d world. The Earth, without a doubt, is the most beautiful planet in the Milky Way galaxy and that is why it was "the" vacation spot of the galaxy for millions of years. There was always a constant stream of visitors coming here from Worlds and Galaxies far and wide.
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