UK Smoking Ban

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UK Smoking Ban

Postby Silverhaze on Mon Jul 02, 2007 7:49 am

Well here we go!! The government laying the smackdown on freedom of choice once again.

Not being a backy smoker myself....well at least not anywhere public the only thing that bothers me about it is the fact that people are not given a choice. The clearer air and not coming out of a pub stinking like an ashtray can only be a good thing IMO but the Home Office has gone one step further!!

Not only are people not allowed to smoke anywhere on the premises of any of their buildings but they have actually banned smoking breaks all together! So...all those people who have been on 40 a day since 1924 will have to get used to going a full morning and afternoon at work without a single tab! They are allowed to smoke at lunchtimes they have been told which makes me laugh since lunchtime is MY FUCKING TIME ALREADY YOU CUNTS!! (sorry)
Yeah as I was saying, lunchtime is unpaid and your own time to do what you want to do and they have the cheek to say you're 'allowed' to smoke at lunchtime!!

Im not looking forward to the coming weeks because Im going to have to deal with Mr/Mrs 40 a day who's just busted their PC and has not been able to sneak off for a backy break to calm their nerves before I arrive. Im gonna get my head bitten off I can sense it.
Theres going to be lots of really pissed off people around for a good while and it will be interesting to see if that actually improves productivity or has a negative effect on it.
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